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Whole School Non Uniform Day Headteacher's November Update 2 School Meals Update Report Overview Children in Need Non-uniform Day Headteacher's November Update Odd Socks Day Book & a Brew Free School Meals Y11 Study Support No Knives, Better Lives Initiative Headteacher's September Update End of Summer Term Letter Uniform Letter Improving Communication June Headteacher Update Easter Letter Assertive Discipline February Headteacher Update Personal Awareness Week Rock Challenge Non Uniform Day Community Incident Christmas Jumper Day - Friday 15th December Welcome Centre Donations December Parent Survey Non Uniform Day 22nd December Christmas End of Term Letter End of Autumn Term Letter Parent Governor Vacancies KS4 Director Letter KS3 Director Letter Start of Term Letter End of Term Letter Changes to Split Lunchtimes BfL BE READY Letter BFL Letter SNAP Day 4 2017 - Parent Overview Medication Letter Lunchtime Letter Start of Term Letter - Mr Watkin Parent Governor Letter Parent Governors Letter Pg2 (1) Letter To Parents With Individual Exam Timetable And Expectations Parents February Letter 2017 BFL Letter To Parents Start of term Letter Census Letter Ski Trip Meeting Start of Term Letter Page 2 Start of Term Letter Page 1 SNAP Day 1 Evening Of Dance Rockchallenge Bag Pack Non-uniform Day Rockchallenge Consent Form Sport Relief Letter Science Week Hawkshirst Activity Trip GDPR Consent Hawkshirst Trip Safeguarding Event Noel Williams Event Rewards Day Invacuate Drill End of Term Letter Non-Uniform Day July 2018 Jeans for Genes Day Year 6 Open Evening Social Media - Twitter Account Headteacher Update - September 2018 No Knives Better Lives Inititive Letter Elevate Letter GDPR Office Letter Parent Governor Letter
Year 7 Parent Evening Instructions Year 7 Parent / Tutor Meeting Letter New Y7 Form Changes Year 7 Parents Evening Catalyst Science Discovery Centre SEND Tea Party
Year 8 Year 8 Options SEND Tea Party
Year 9 Year 9 Parents' Evening Y9 French Trip Year 9 Options Evening French Trip - Parental Meeting
Year 10 Creating Futures Careers Evening Parent Child Workshop Information Year 10 Revision Evening letter Berlin Trip - February 2019 Year 10 Mock Exams Yr 10 Parents Evening & Careers Event
Year 11 Mock Exams - December 2017 Mock Exams Creating Futures Evening GCSE Exam Parents Letter May 2017 Parent Child Workshop Information Ltr Year 11 Parents Year 11 Mosque Trip Geography Field Trip - Hornsea Mock Exam Rules & Regulations Open Systems and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Course Yr 11 Careers Event

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