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The Day

We have subscribed to ‘The Day’ for all students and staff to access resources from all different aspects and areas.

Below is a snippet of how ‘The Day’ started and the journey so far….

The idea for The Day was born out of an opportunity and an injustice.

The opportunity sprang from my sense that in the new century we had arrived at the beginning of the end of an era in mainstream media. It was increasingly clear that the industry in which I had worked for 30 years was dying. The great news machines such as the BBC, The Times, Reuters, Agence France Presse, The New York Times, Le Monde, The Daily Mail and so on were losing ground to a new ecosystem of much more informal networked information created by thousands of new voices and spread through instant messaging, social media and constant access to the web.

All staff and students can start accessing the resources by clicking here

For more information for students on how to use ‘The Day’, please click here

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