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Romeo and Juliet – Royal Shakespeare Company

On Wednesday 21st November students in Year 10 and 11 watched a live broadcast of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s current production of Romeo and Juliet.  The play is one of our GCSE English Literature set texts, and the broadcast was a great opportunity for our students to see a new interpretation of the story.  The broadcast included live interviews with the actors who played Romeo and Juliet who explained how they had developed their characters and the reasons for some of the choices made.

This new production of Romeo and Juliet is set in modern day, and the director Erica Whyman made some interesting changes around gender, race and ethnicity.  She also used the play to address current issues such as knife crime, relationships, loyalty, respect and domestic abuse.

Students were asked to make notes during the performance to develop their personal response to the play, and consider alternative interpretations which they will be able to use in their examination responses.

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