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Noel Williams Personal Safety Awareness Talk – Monday 16th July

On Monday 16th July, we invited an external speaker to Newsome High School to speak to all year groups about personal safety. We also invited parents and other colleagues from different schools, police and community members to hear his hard-hitting story. This was very well received and will benefit all our school community. Our students were exceptional and contributed to the session positively. This is another example of our commitment to personal safety.

Noel is a 27-year-old Criminal Justice Consultant and Political Commentator. Noel had a troubled upbringing in a deprived community in London. In his youth, Noel was a gang member. He saw friends killed and spent time in prison after being in the justice system from the age of 13 until he was 21.

Noel considers his time in prison to be a critical turning point in his life. He chose to study while inside and reap the rewards of rehabilitation, he is extremely proud of his journey, which has sparked his passion to help others through the system and to improve the outcomes for all. He profoundly believes that your past should not determine your future.

He is now at university studying for a degree in Applied Social Sciences and he works for The Centre for Social Justice where he is at the heart of shaping effective change within the criminal justice system. Noel also sits on the London Independent Youth Safety Action Board, in association with the All Party Parliamentary Commission on Youth Justice, where he plays a key role in forming a strategy to help tackle youth violence in London. He also sits on the Standing Committee for Youth Justice board which advocates a child-focused youth justice system. He also sits on the Peer Power board which works to support vulnerable children and their workers to transform services for children in need.


We asked Noel to write us a piece on his visit to Newsome High, please see below;

Newsome High
It was a pleasure to be able to add value while doing a workshop on crime awareness with an emphasis on Gangs due to the current climate around Gangs and Knife Crime the nation and Huddersfield its self within youth.
As somebody who has experienced this firsthand and now being a Criminal Justice Expert i felt it was wonderful to see the school its self using holistic approaches towards the engagement with may young people who had clear association or where on the periphery due to family links or peers.
These young people where full of promise and i look always to help young people find that star within to aspire to climb as high as they can dream. During workshops many took responsibility and engaged in fine voice standing up and really taking charge of what they wanted to ask clearly and what answers they gave me. Without a doubt they showed good knowledge of whats going on around them and most came up to me to tell me how important they felt it was to hear from someone who has got away from that lifestyle firsthand give them awareness and help inspire them to be what they want in life.
Something which shall not leave me was how important they felt it was to go home and speak to their parents many who have family breakdowns wanting to not go down a path which could lead to a point of no return, or maybe a criminal record or Gang Association wanting to reach out for a mentor and or charity out of school to help them find extra purposeful activity instead of hanging around being Anti-Social.
Teachers were brilliant as well as parent who i must say who also came in all very committed to their children futures and Newsome High stands above many schools with the way they engage with parents its an open door policy with foundations rooted in it’s belief that every young person individually and has the right to feel safe, gain a good education and have teacher committed to their futures.


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