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Year 11 Revision

Your Teachers have included some guidance for Y11 students as there is very little time before exams start. Please read the guidance from your teachers below:


  • Year 11 students should use GCSE Pod to revise for their English Literature mock examinations.  Assignments have been set for the whole year group, but students should also create their own playlists for the texts they have studied.  Just as a reminder, these are:  Romeo and Juliet, An Inspector Calls, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and the Power and Conflict cluster of the AQA Poetry Anthology.  Another good revision resource for literature is the Mr Bruff You tube channel.
  • In addition, all Year 11 students also received  Power and Conflict poetry, and An Inspector Calls revision booklets from their English teacher before half term.  They both contained practice questions therefore students should complete a practice exam question.


  • For Maths the students took an 80 page booklet home called “aiming for grade _” just before half term that should be completed in the first instance.
  • Once completed students should use the revision list given to them at the same time to continue revision, using MathsWatch for videos and questions.


  • Please find practice exam questions on class charts to help prepare for the mock exams.
Performing Arts
  • Can all students make sure they are up to date with unit 2 booklet workshops and rehearsals. Write a review on the dress rehearsal last night with a SMART target for fridays performance.
  • Use the time to prepare for the mock by revising the Islam revision book and the Religion and Relationships section of the new Themes Revision Book. These have not been given out yet but they are available in class charts so please access it through there. Please collect one urgently on your return to school.


  • Year 11 should be working on Pearson Active Learn for reading and listening practice. They should also be preparing for their speaking tests if they have not already recorded it. GCSE Pod will be set up for you also.
  • Performing – rehearse for your performance assessment, both ensemble and solo
  • Composing – complete your composition logs as fully as possible for both compositions.
  • Listening and Appraising – look at the extensive list of keywords given to you by Miss Cole. Research and make sure you have a definition for each one. Highlight those that you do understand in one colour as those you don’t in another.
Btec Sport 
  • Boys- Ensure all attributes, responsibilities and newspaper article are complete.
  • Girls – Complete write up of all fitness sessions.
  • Students are to use GCSE pod to look at information on The Development Gap as we are starting this topic tomorrow. They should also be revising for the Paper 1 Geography exam next week, which they have a list of topics for.
  • Students should be using GCSE pod to revise The Cold War and Medicine Through Time.


  • Use the GCSE Edexcel Bitesize website, Physical Training: revise and complete the test on each section in preparation for Paper 1. Record results in passport to identify strengths and areas for development on Monday.


  • Record your ideas for a final piece of work. Produce sketches, notes, photographs and other primary sources.

Resistant Materials

  • Ensure all your technical drawings are completed based around the design you are constructing.
  • Ensure you have fully researched design concept you are creating (art deco etc.) and this is AT LEAST included in the form of a mood board.
  • Collect as many images as you can on the item that you are creating.

Food Preparation

  • Students e-mail themselves their work and have USB sticks in which they store work so this should be more than achievable.
  • Today we are missing another small deadline that i had set for them so i am extending this until Monday’s lesson.
  • Pages that should be completed for Monday are –
  • Front Cover
  • TA
  • Research
  • Analysis of Research
  • Possible ideas
  • Evaluation x4
  • Selection of final dishes
  • Production Plan
  • Presentation of final dishes
  • Evaluations x3
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