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End of Term & Start of Term Arrangements

End of Term Information
Students finish the term on Friday 20th July at 1pm. Students will be involved in a celebration assembly before departing. It is important that your child still attends so that their attendance record is not affected.

Start of Term Information
We welcome our new Year 7 students on Tuesday 4th September where they will spend the day settling into their new school surroundings. All other students return to school on Wednesday 5th September and will follow their normal school day. Students will receive their new timetables during Form Time.

Summer GCSE Results
Year 11 students can collect their results on Thursday 23rd August  between 10am and 11.30am. If you cannot collect your results in person you can nominate someone to collect them on your behalf. You must provide the name of the nominated person/s either in writing to Miss Joanne Williams before the end of the summer term or by email to [email protected] . Your representative will need to provide I.D.

What if you can’t collect?
Alternatively you can provide a stamped self-addressed envelope and results will be sent in the post. Again this must be provided before the end of the summer term. Results will not be released to anyone other than the student without prior written permission from the student.

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