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Church Trip

Year 7 Church Trip

Our Year 7’s visited the local church in Newsome as part of the Religious Education studies. Below is an account of the trip from one of our students;


Y7 Trip To St John’s Church

On the week beginning 26th of November, all of year 7 took a trip round the corner to St John’s Church. Every day a different class of around 25 students went.

As we arrived, we were guided into the Church. The vicar welcomed us and explained that we were going to be split off into 4 different groups and do different activities whilst filling in the worksheet -the women who worked in the church ran all the activities.

The first activity was having a look at the font, and the volunteer explained what it is, how they use it, when they use it. We then had to fill in the first part of the worksheet that was based around how the font is linked to the church being a community. After around 5 minutes, we swapped over and went to our next activities.

The second activity was having a look at the lounge room, which was a place for people to come and relax, read a book or have a drink. The volunteer explained why it was here, what it is for and who uses it. We then had to answer the questions on our sheet that were about what’s in the room and how it’s linked to the community.

The third activity was having a look at the churches’ prayer tree and war memorial. The volunteer explained that people, who were from Newsome and fought in the WW1 or WW2, had their names on the memorials. She then told us about their wishing tree which was a little homemade tree where people could put any prayers on and they will be read out by the vicar during a prayer.

After that, we went to our fourth and final activity, which was up on the altar. The vicar was talking to us about the church and the history of it. She spoke to us about how people pay their respects by eating a wafer and drinking wine representing eating bread and Jesus’ blood.

The vicar then gave a mini speech and said goodbye. One of the volunteers who worked there gave us all some sweets to say thank you. We then left the church and headed straight back to school in time for our next lessons.

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