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Book Donation to Malawi


How Newsome High School is helping to improve the lives of 1000s of children in Malawi.

The English department and staff from Newsome High School have set up a book scheme to help 1000s of underprivileged children in Malawi with their education. The school has donated English books in return for letters.  It is hoped that the scheme will enable children from both countries to communicate, improve their English written skills and discover exactly how different their lives are.

Father Emmanuel Adindu from Our Lady of Kirkstall explained how the books would help “The children in Malawi will now have access to good learning materials; the books are in English and that will encourage the children to learn the language with ease.”

Children in poor countries face many barriers to accessing an education including not having learning materials.  These books will provide the critical tools needed by students and teachers in Malawi.

Pictured in the Centre, Dean Watkin, Principal of Newsome High School along with Father Emmanuel Adindu and Amanda Greenwood, Director of English, staff and students.

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