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Our School

Newsome is an 11 – 16 comprehensive school set in spectacular countryside in south Huddersfield. With 600 pupils on roll and 40 highly qualified teaching staff supplemented by a very strong team of support staff, we can offer a broad and balanced curriculum whilst ensuring that we create a safe, happy and caring environment. Students are happy here and learn well, achieving success in many aspects of life. Being a small school enables us to know each and every child well and this gives our school a special sense of community – something which most schools can lack.

Our Learning Environment

We are a very fortunate to have specialist facilities in all subjects including our outdoor facilities. Floodlit multi sport and tennis outdoor playing areas, extensive grass areas and a state of the art sports hall and fitness and dance studio allow us to be a centre for sporting excellence in the community. We are very pleased that the local community makes a good use of our facilities and have in place a vigorous adult and youth programme. Our Media Centre includes a film studio and sound recording studio. A number of department resource centers and our POP (Push on Pupils) Centre enable our students to research and study independently to support their own learning, whilst the drama studio and lecture theatre allows large group presentations to take place.

A committed staff and excellent resources allow us to supplement the curriculum with a extensive programme of enrichment activities after school hours, offering a wide range of learning activities and sport.

How are our Students Looked after?

We welcome all students at the school provided they conform to the rules of our community. We work hard to ensure that ours is a community where students and staff feel safe and confident. We believe that respect is the key to effective support and care, and we try to demonstrate this in daily work.

We have high expectations of our students, not only academically, but socially. Excellent behavior, good manners and consideration must underpin all we do. We believe good discipline is essential in order for our students to learn and our teachers to teach. High emphasis is placed on providing a caring and secure environment that allows all students to succeed and prevents any from failing.

Student Ownership

We place a strong emphasis on education the development of the whole student. We aim above all to help to develop competent and confident young adults who will be able to achieve success in whatever aspect of life they choose. We involve our students in all we do through the Student Leadership Team by discussing and listening to their opinions. We will ask our students what they feel about our school and not presume we know simply because we are adults.


Our curriculum is constantly updated as the National Curriculum Orders apply. All students have equality of opportunity. In the lower school they will study English, Mathematics, Science, Technology, French, History, Geography, Religious Education, Physical Education, Drama and Art. In addition, form tutors teach a programme of Personal Health and Social Education which includes Environmental Health and Sex Education, Careers Guidance, Personal Review, Action Planning and Economic and Industrial Awareness. Information Technology is delivered both as a discrete subject and through all other curriculum areas. An initial assessment in made upon entry in Year 7 based on Key Stage 2 test scores and a Cognitive Ability Test taken in September, and in a number of subjects setting is introduced. This is a one the means by which we Endeavour to fit a programme of work to each student’s needs. Some subjects such as P.E., Music and Drama continue to be taught in their form groups. German is offered as a second modern language from Year 8. In year 10, some choice is available.


Expectations by staff and the academic standards achieved by our students are high. The majority continue into Further Education. Many continue to the Sixth Form Colleges where they achieve success at ‘A’ Level and then progress to Universities (including OxBridge) and Colleges throughout the country. We believe that such progress can only be achieved through a combination of good teaching, hard work by the pupil and parental support. It is essential that our students do regular homework to reinforce work in school. Students are therefore set homework and each student has a personal passport which includes details of homework, timetable and progress. This can be used as a communication tool between school and home.

Our POP (Push on Pupils) Centre is available for students who wish to work at lunchtimes and after school. Reports are published once a year and are followed by a Consultation Evening where parents can discuss their child’s progress with individual teachers. The report issued gives information about attainment in relation to the National Curriculum Levels, attendance, punctuality and participation in extra-curricular activities. We encourage parents to come to school at any time to discuss their child’s progress. If we feel there is a cause for concern parents will be invited to the school.


We believe in maintaining high standards of discipline. This begins with personal presentation. We have a uniform, designed by our students, which all students must wear. Our smart uniform promotes a sense of self pride and our students have a responsibility to themselves and to each other to ensure that the good name and reputation of our school are preserved and developed.

Students with Particular Needs

Each individual is important to us and has needs which we will do our best to meet. Staff have worked very hard to develop approaches within and beyond the classroom to meet the learning needs of all our students. Our IMPACT system is held as a model of good practice.

Newsome High School has specialist additional staff and facilities and a proud tradition of enabling a small number of students in each age group with a physical disabilities or hearing impairment to be integrated in a mainstream school. We are the resource provision for these two areas for in Kirklees. Through differentiated work we aim to stretch and challenge all students. This will mean that more able students will be supported with individual programmes where necessary.

Home Links

We believe our students achieve most when there is a positive and productive partnership between home and our schools. A mutual understanding of our aims and effective communication between all parties is essential.

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