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Our School

Newsome is an 11 – 16 comprehensive school set in spectacular countryside in south Huddersfield. With around 600 pupils on roll and 44 highly qualified teaching staff supplemented by a very strong team of support staff, we can offer a broad and balanced curriculum whilst ensuring that we create a safe, happy and caring environment. Students are happy here and learn well, achieving success in many aspects of life. Being a small school enables us to know each and every child well and this gives our school a special sense of community – something which most schools can lack.

Our Core Values



Our Learning Environment

We are a very fortunate to have specialist facilities in all subjects including our outdoor facilities. Floodlit multi sport and tennis outdoor playing areas, extensive grass areas and a state of the art sports hall and fitness and dance studio allow us to be a centre for sporting excellence in the community. We are very pleased that the local community makes a good use of our facilities and have in place a vigorous adult and youth programme. Our Media Centre includes a film studio and sound recording studio. A number of department resource centers and our POP (Push on Pupils) Centre enable our students to research and study independently to support their own learning, whilst the drama studio and lecture theatre allows large group presentations to take place.

A committed staff and excellent resources allow us to supplement the curriculum with a extensive programme of enrichment activities after school hours, offering a wide range of learning activities and sport.

Specialist Provision

Newsome High School is the only mainstream high school in Kirklees with two specialist provisions –one for children with physical impairment, the other for hearing impairment. It provides a centre of excellence that demonstrates a high quality environment and approach with specialist staffing, resources and equipment.

There are currently 12 places in the provision for PI (Physically Impaired) – 10 fixed term and 2 transitional places. The provision for hearing impaired students has 12 fixed term and 2 transitional places. The provisions currently have 11 students each.

Fixed places are for children and young people with an EHC Plan who have complex needs and require a specific environment that cannot be replicated in all schools and so they must attend specialist provision full time.

Transitional places are available in order to identify and assess needs, establish appropriate curriculum and teaching strategies and prepare all parties for the child’s transition to the named local school. Students are able to attend on a transitional place for up to 6 terms.

Outreach support is provided as part of the specialist provision’s role. It offers timely support, advice and monitoring to other young people in Kirklees with physical or hearing impairment, their families and schools to secure excellent outcomes.

Partnership working – both provisions work closely with parents, carers and health professionals.


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