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Governance & Leadership

The Governing body is made up of people from different groups, including parents, teachers and other staff which include the local authority, local business and community. A governor’s term of office usually lasts for four years.

The role of Governors is to provide a strategic view of the school, to ensure accountability and to be a critical friend. The Governing body is responsible for the overall direction of the school. It is not responsible for day to day matters which is the responsibility of the Headteacher Mr Dean Watkin. Governors also set and monitor targets, the school budget and the effectiveness of policies to ensure all students have a broad and balanced curriculum.

Our Governing Body had an External Review of Governance (ERG) on the 29th November 2018. This report is located below:

Our Governing Body consist of:

  • Chair of Governors: Business, public sector and community background.
  • Vice Chair of Governors: Law and community background.
  • Staff Governors: Specialist Provision and Drama backgrounds.
  • Parent Governors: Law, community, public sector and business. 
  • Co-Opted Governors: Education, finance, community and business. 
  1. Mr A Briggs (Chair)
  2. Mrs S Easby (Vice Chair)
  3. Mr D Watkin (Headteacher)
  4. Mr D Baxter
  5. Mr R Payne
  6. Mrs C Burdett
  7. Ms F Sobo-Allen
  8. Mrs D Ladlow
  9. Ms R Black 
  10. Mrs S Simpson
  11. Mr A Manohar
  12. Vacancy  (Co-opted)

If you would like any information about becoming a governor at Newsome High School School then please contact the Chair of the Governing Body, Mr A Briggs, via the school.

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